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editorial board
Sean Williams, Managing Editor
Martin Hatch, Production Editor
Randal Baier, Book Review Editor
David Harnish, Recording Review Editor
Gordon Thompson, Website Editor

René T. A. Lysloff Rural Javanese "Tradition" and Erotic Subversion: Female Dance Performance in Banyumas (Central Java) 1-24
Terence Lancashire Kagura - A "Shinto" Dance? Or Perhaps Not 25-59
Tomie Hahn Singing a Dance: Navigating the Musical Soundscape in Nihon Buyo 61-74
R. Anderson Sutton Individuality and "Writing" in Javanese Music Learning 75-103
Edward O. Henry Melodic Structure of the Kharī Birahā of North India: A Simple Mode 105-124
 Book Reviews 
Júlia-Miguel R. Bernardes João Soares Santos. Estudos Sobre Artes Cénicas Asiáticas 125-126
Bruno Deschênes Akira Tamba. La théorie et l'esthétique musicale japonaises du 8e à la fin du 19e siècle 126-127
Sean Williams Michael B. Bakan. Music of Death and New Creation: Experiences in the World of Balinese Gamelan Beleganjur 127-129
Bruno Deschênes Trân Van Khê. Musique du Viet-nam 129-130
Ping-Hui Li Joseph S. C. Lam. State Sacrifices and Music in Ming China: Orthodoxy, Creativity, and Expressiveness 130-131
Bruno Deschênes Hugh De Ferranti. Japanese Musical Instruments; Alan R. Thrasher. Chinese Musical Instruments 131
Peter Manuel Briefly Noted: Recent Indian Publications on Music.
Prem Lata Sharma (editor). Śarngadeva and His Sangīta-ratnākara: Proceedings of the Seminar, Varanasi, 1994.
R. K. Shrigy and Prem Lata Sharma (editing, translation, and annotation). Sangitaratnākara of Sārngadeva: Text and English Translation.
Adya Rangacharya (editing, translation, and annotation). The Nātyaśastra: English Translation with Critical Notes.
Shahab Sarmadee (editing, translation, and annotation). Tarjuma-i-Mānakutūhala & Risāla-i-Rāgadarpana.
William Jackson. Tyagaraja and the Renewal of Tradition: Translations and Reflections.
———. Songs of Three Great South Indian Saints.
Selina Thielemann. Rāsalīlā: A Musical Study of Religious Drama in Vraja.
———. Sounds of the Sacred: Religious Music in India.
———. The Darbhanga Tradition: Dhrupada in the School of Pandit Vidur Mallik.
Anne-Marie Gaston. Krishna's Musicians and Music Making in the Temples of Nathdvara, Rajasthan.
Michael Kinnear. The Gramophone Company's First Indian Recordings: 1899-1908.
 Audio Recording Reviews 
Inna Naroditskaya Archives Internationales de musique populaire, Musée d'ethnographie in Genèva, and Jean During. Tadjikistan: Chants des bardes/Songs of the Bards 136-140
R. Anderson Sutton Philip Yampolsky. Discover Indonesia: Selections from the 20-CD Series 141-143
Rolf Groesbeck Archives internationales de musique populaire/Musee d'ethnographie, Geneva, and Rolf Killius. Inde/India. Percussions rituelles du Kerala/Ritual Percussion of Kerala. Vol. 2: Tayambaka 143-146
 Video Recording Review 
Gordon Thompson Martin Clayton, Veena Sahasrabuddhe, and Robert Philip. Khyāl: Classical Singing of North India 146-148
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