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editorial board
Sean Williams, Managing Editor
Martin Hatch, Production Editor
Peter Manuel, Book Review Editor
David Harnish, Recording Review Editor

Tan Sooi Beng The 78 RPM Record Industry in Malaya Prior to World War II 1-41
Henry M. Johnson A Koto by Any Other Name: Exploring Japanese Systems of Musical Instrument Classification 43-59
Gregory D. Booth The Madras Corporation Band: A Story of Social Change and Indigenization 61-86
Ian Collinge Developments in Musicology in Tibet: The Emergence of a New Tibetan Musical Lexicon 87-114
Marc Perlman Conflicting Interpretations: Indigenous Analysis and Historical Change in Central Javanese Music 115-140
 Book Review 
Hardja Susilo Benjamin Brinner. Knowing Music, Making Music: Javanese Gamelan and the Theory of Musical Competence and Interaction 141-144
 Audio Recording Reviews 
R. Anderson Sutton Toraja Indonésie, Dana Rappoport, Peter Russel Crowe. Funérailles et Fêtes de Fecondité/Indonesia, Toraja: Funerals and Fertility Feasts 144-146
David Harnish Gamelan Sekar Jaya. Balinese Music in America; New World Records, Evan Ziporyn, Michael Tenzer, Wayne Vitale. American Works for Balinese Gamelan Orchestra 146-150
Terry E. Miller A Taste of Asia 150-151
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