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previous issue Volume 27, Number 2   |   Spring - Summer, 1996
Kulintang/Kolintang Music
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editorial board
Martin Hatch, Editor
Peter Manuel, Book Review Editor
David Harnish, Recording Review Editor

Martin Hatch Preface from the Editor
Robert Garfias Introduction 1-2
 Maguindanaon Kulintang Music 
Danongan S. Kalanduyan Magindanaon Kulintang Music: Instruments, Repertoire, Performance Contexts, and Social Functions 3-18
Karen L. Posner A Preliminary Analysis of Style in Maguindanoan Kulintang Music 19-32
Scott Scholz The Supportive Instruments of the Magindanaon Kulintang Ensemble 33-52
Yoshitaka Terada Variational and Improvisational Techniques of Gandingan Playing in the Magindanaon Kulintang Ensemble 53-79
 Maranao Kolintang Music 
Usopay H. Cadar The Role of Kolintang Music in Maranao Society 80-103
Usopay Cadar and Robert Garfias Some Principles of Formal Variation in the Kolintang Music of the Maranao 105-122
Steven W. Otto Repertorial Nomenclature in Muranao Kolintang Music 123-130
 In the United States 
Usopay Hamdag Cadar The Maranao Kolintang Music and Its Journey in America 131-148
 In the United States 
Craig A. Lockard Popular Musics and Politics in Modern Southeast Asia: A Comparative Analysis 149-199
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