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editorial board
Sean Williams, Managing Editor
Martin Hatch, Production Editor
Veneet Shendre, Assistant to the Production Editor
Peter Manuel, Book Review Editor
David Harnish, Recording Review Editor

Martin Hatch Errata, Volume 28, Number 1, and a Note from the Editor
Elsa Lee An Introduction to the Gushi Drummer of the Chuanju Percussion Ensemble 1-26
Joel M. Maring and Lillian E. Maring Japanese Erotic Folksong: From Shunka to Karaoke 27-49
Susan Asai Origins of the Musical and Spiritual Syncretism of Nōmai in Northern Japan 51-71
Ruth Davis Traditional Arab Music Ensembles in Tunis: Modernizing Al-Turath in the Shadow of Egypt 73-108
Nicolas Magriel The Barhat Tree 109-133
 Book Review 
Steven Friedson Carol Laderman, Marina Roseman. The Performance of Healing 135-140
 Audio Recording Reviews 
Inna Naroditskaya Bahram Mansurov. Azerbaijan Mugam 141-145
Inna Naroditskaya Kazakhstan: Music from Almatï 145-148
Evan Ziporyn Gunung Sari. Golden Rain/Gong Kebyar of Gunung Sari, Bali 149-151
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