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editorial board
Martin Hatch, Editor
Peter Manuel, Book Review Editor
David Harnish, Recording Review Editor

Gerald Groemer Edo's "Tin Pan Alley": Authors and Publishers of Japanese Popular Song during the Tokugawa Period 1-36
Margaret Sarkissian "Sinhalese Girl" Meets "Aunty Annie": Competing Expressions of Ethnic Identity in the Portuguese Settlement, Melaka, Malaysia 37-62
Helen Rees The Many Musics of a Chinese County Town: A Case-Study of Co-Existence in Lijiang, Yunnan Province 63-102
Yang Mu Music Loss among Ethnic Minorities in China -- A Comparison of the Li and Hui Peoples 103-131
Frederick Lau Individuality and Political Discourse in Solo Dizi Compositions 133-152
 Book Review 
Jan Mrázek Sumarsam. Gamelan: Cultural Interaction and Musical Development in Central Java 153-156
 Book/Audio-Recording Review 
Nina Egert Mirielle Helffer. Mchod-Rol: Les Instruments de la Musique Tibetaine 157-162
 Audio Recording Review 
Sean Williams Burhan Sukarma. Lolongkrang 162-164
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