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editorial board
Martin Hatch, Editor
Terry E. Miller, Review Editor
Mark Slobin, Consulting Editor

David W. Hughes Japanese "New Folk Songs," Old and New 1-49
Philip D. Schuyler Music and Tradition in Yemen 51-71
Walter Feldman Cultural Authority and Authenticity in the Turkish Repertoire 73-111
Virginia Danielson "Min al-Mashāyikh": A View of Egyptian Musical Tradition 113-127
Irene Markoff The Ideology of Musical Practice and the Professional Turkish Folk Musician: Tempering the Creative Impulse 129-145
 Book Reviews 
Philip Schuyler John Baily. Music of Afghanistan: Professional Musicians in the City of Herat 147-150
Allyn Miner James Sadler Hamilton. Sitar Music in Calcuta: An Ethnomusicological Study 150-153
John O'Connell Habib Hassan Touma. Die Musik der Araber (The Music of the Arabs) 154-156
Phong Nguyen Cahiers de musiques traditionelles 1: De bouche a oreille 156-160
 Record Reviews 
Caroline Card Wendt Carl Signell, Sally Monsour. Music of The Middle East: Arab, Persian/Iranian, and Turkish Traditions in the United States ; Carl Signell, Patrician Shehan Campbell. Music of Eastern Europe: Albanian, Greek, and South Slavic Traditions in the United States; Carl Signell, William M. Anderson. Music of East Asia: Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Traditions in the United States 161-165
Leslie Hall Karl Signell, Richard Spottswood, The University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Center for Turkish Music. Masters of Turkish Music 166-167
Gregory Booth Yashwat Jani, Chandrakantha Courtney, Anuradha Subramanian, Anuradha Sridhar, Shankar Bhattacharyya, David Courtney, G. C. Balachandar, Arti Sadhwani, Seema Sadhwani. Jugal Bandhi: A Benefit Program for the Sri Meenakshi Temple 167-172
Sam-Ang Sam Amy Catlin. Apsara: The Feminine in Cambodian Art 173-174
Sumarsam Roger Vetter, Music of the World. The Sultan's Pleasure: Javanese Gamelan & Vocal Music 174-176
Annette Sanger Kecak Ganda Sari, I Gusti Putra, David Lewiston. Kecak from Bali: Kecak Ganda Sari 176-178
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