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Martin Hatch, Editor
Terry E. Miller, Review Editor
Mark Slobin, Consulting Editor

Carol Rubenstein "So Unable to Speak Am I....": Sarawak Dayaks and Forms of Social Address in Song 1-37
Hai-Hsing Yao The Relationship between Percussive Music and the Movement of Actors in Peking Opera 39-70
Gordon N. Swift South Indian "Gamaka" and the Violin 71-89
Sƚawomira Żerańska-Kominek The Classification of Repertoire in Turkmen Traditional Music 90-109
Marie Connett Subject Index for Volumes I-XXI of Asian Music 110-134
Jose Maceda Review Essay: Bipolarity, Ki Mantle Hood's Trilogy, Four Counts, and the Fifth Interval. Review of Ki Mantle Hood: The Evolution of Javanese Gamelan, Book III. Paragon of the Roaring Sea 135-146
Rulan Chao Pian Mingyueh Liang. Music of the Billion: An Introduction to Chinese Musical Culture 147-150
L. JaFran Jones Regula Qureshi. Sufi Music of India and Pakistan.: Sound, Context and Meaning in Qawwali 151-155
James D. DiSpirito James Kippen. The Tabla of Lucknow: A Cultural Analysis of a Musical Tradition 156-158
Barbara B. Smith Stanley Sadie. The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments 159-162
Karl Signell Jean During, Elday Mansurov, Bahrâm Mansurov, Elkân Mansurov, Habib Bayramov, Hâbil Aliev, Zabiollâh Kuliev, Elmân Badalov, Alim Kâsimov, Hugo Zemp. Azerbaijan: Traditional Music 163-166
Endo Suanda Philip Yampolsky. Tonggeret: Jaipong Sunda; Idjah Hadidjah 166-170
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