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previous issue Volume 22, Number 2   |   Spring - Summer 1991
Views of Music in China Today
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editorial board
Martin Hatch, Editor
Terry E. Miller, Review Editor
Mark Slobin, Consulting Editor

Charles Hamm Music and Radio in the People's Republic of China 1-42
Tim Brace Popular Music in Contemporary Beijing: Modernism and Cultural Identity 43-66
Paul Friedlander China's "Newer Value" Pop: Rock-and-Roll and Technology on the New Long March 67-81
Jiang Jing The Influence of Traditional Chinese Music on Professional Instrumental Composition 83-96
Mao Yu Run Music under Mao, Its Background and Aftermath 97-125
Peter Chang Tan Dun's String Quartet "Feng-Ya-Song": Some Ideological Issues 127-158
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