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editorial board
Martin Hatch, Editor
Terry E. Miller, Review Editor
Mark Slobin, Consulting Editor

Mark Slobin From the President of the Society for Asian Music
Martin Hatch From the Editor
Robert L. Hardgrave, Jr. and Stephen M. Slawek Instruments and Music Culture in Eighteenth Century India: The Solvyns Portraits 1-92
Peter Manuel A Historical Survey of the Urdu G̱azal-Song in India 93-113
Robert L. Simon Tyāgarāja and the South Indian Bhajana Sampradāya 114-127
Ankica Petrović Paradoxes of Muslim Music in Boznia and Herzegovina 128-147
 Book Reviews 
T. Temple Tuttle Kanthimathi Kumar, Jean Stackhouse. Classical Music of South India: Karnatic Tradition in Western Notation 148-151
George Ruckert Stephen M. Slawek. Sitar Technique in Nibaddh Forms 151-154
William J. Jackson Wayne Howard. Veda Recitation in Vārāŋasī 154-158
Han Kuo-Huang Yuan Bingchang, Mao Jizeng. Zhongguo Shaoshu Minzu Yueqi Zhi (The Musical Instruments of the Chinese National Minorities: A Dictionary) 158-161
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