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previous issue Volume 20, Number 2   |   Spring - Summer 1989
Chinese Music Theory
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editorial board
Martin Hatch, Editor
Terry E. Miller, Review Editor
Mark Slobin, Consulting Editor

Martin Hatch From the Editor
Alan R. Thrasher Introduction 1-3
Gao Houyong and Zhou Li On Qupai 4-20
Stephen Jones The Golden-Character Scripture: Perspectives on Chinese Melody 21-66
Alan R. Thrasher Structural Continuity in Chinese Sizhu: The "Baban" Model 67-106
Han Kuo-Huang Folk Songs of the Han Chinese: Characteristics and Classifications 107-128
Tsao Pen-Yeh Structural Elements in the Music of Chinese Story-Telling 129-151
Huang Jinpei Xipi and Erhuang of Beijing and Guangdong Operas 152-195
 Book Reviews 
Han Kuo-Huang Research Institute of Music (ed.). A Pictorial Guide to the History of Chinese Music 196-198
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