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editorial board
Martin Hatch and Mark Slobin, Editors
Terry Miller, Book Review Editor
Philip Yampolsky, Record Review Editor
B. Jean Harden, Assistant Editor

Ernst Emsheimer and Robert Carroll Earliest Reports about the Music of the Mongols 1-19
Richard Tapper Peasant's Pilgrimage: A Ballad from Afghan Turkistan 20-34
Louise Wrazen The Early History of the Vīṇā and Bīn in South and Southeast Asia 35-55
Phong Th. Nguyen Restructuring the Fixed Pitches of the Vietnamese dan Nguyet Lute: A Modification Necessitated by the Modal System 56-70
Paul Arthur Wolbers Gandrung and Angklung from Banyuwangi; Remnants of a Past Shared with Bali 71-90
Peter Manuel and Randall Baier Jaipongan: Indigenous Popular Music of West Java 91-110
James D. Chopyak Music in Modern Malaysia: A Survey of the Musics Affecting the Development of Malaysian Popular Music 111-138
Charles Capwell Musical Life in Nineteenth-Century Calcutta as a Component in the History of a Secondary Urban Center 139-163
Philip V. Bohlman R. G. Kiesewetter's "Die Musik der Araber": A Pioneering Ethnomusicological Study of Arabic Writings on Music 164-196
 Book Reviews 
Phong Nguyen Van Khe. Tran, Gisela Kiehl. Einführung in die Musik Vietnams (Introduction to Vietnamese Music) 197-200
Gregory D. Booth Michael E. Kinnear. A Discography of Hindustani and Karnatic Music 201-202
David Fish Elizabeth J. Markham. Saibara: Japanese Court Songs of the Heian Period 203-205
Margaret J. Kartomi Terry E. Miller. Traditional Music of the Lao Kaen Playing and Mawlum Singing in Northeast Thailand 206-207
Peter Manuel Wim. van der Meer. Hindustani Music in the 20th Century 208-211
 Record Review 
Donald Berger Riley Kelly Lee, Ralph Samuelson. Japanese Music for Two Shakuhachi 212-213
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