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previous issue Volume 17, Number 2   |   Spring - Summer 1986
Music in the Ethnic Communities of Israel
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editorial board
Martin Hatch and Mark Slobin, Editors
Terry Miller, Book Review Editor
Philip Yampolsky, Record Review Editor
B. Jean Harden, Assistant Editor

Philip Bohlman and Mark Slobin Music in the Ethnic Communities of Israel: Introduction 1-8
Esther Warkov Revitalization of Iraqi-Jewish Instrumental Traditions in Israel: The Persistent Centrality of an Outsider Tradition 9-31
Edwin Seroussi Politics, Ethnic Identity, and Music in Israel: The Case of the Moroccan Bakkashot 32-45
Jehoash Hirshberg Musical Tradition as a Cohesive Force in a Community in Transition: The Case of the Karaites 46-68
Bruno Nettl and Amnon Shiloah Persian Classical Music in Israel: A Preliminary Report 69-87
Rina Krut Moskovich The Role of Music in the Liturgy of Emigrant Jews from Bombay: The Morning Prayer for the Three Festivals 88-107
Gila Flam Beracha Zefira - A Case Study of Acculturation in Israeli Song 108-125
Uri Sharvit Diversity within Unity: Stylistic Change and Ethnic Continuity in Israeli Religious Music 126-146
Philip V. Bohlman The Immigrant Composer in Palestine, 1933-1948: Stranger in a Strange Land 147-167
Tova Benski, Joachim Braun and Uri Sharvit Towards a Study of Israeli Urban Musical Culture: The Case of Kiryat Ono 168-209
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