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previous issue Volume 18, Number 2   |   Spring - Summer 1987
Reprint of "Performing Arts in India: Essays on Music, Dance, and Drama"
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editorial board
Martin Hatch and Mark Slobin, Editors
Terry Miller, Book Review Editor
Philip Yampolsky, Record Review Editor
B. Jean Harden, Assistant Editor

Bonnie C. Wade Preface to the Reprint of "Performing Arts in India: Essays on Music, Dance, and Drama"
Notes on the Contributors ix
Note on Transliteration xi
Bonnie C. Wade Preface xiii
Bonnie C. Wade Introduction 1-13
Betty True Jones Kathakali Dance-Drama: an Historical Perspective 14-44
Judy Van Zile Balasaraswati's "Tiśram Alārippu": a Choreographic Analysis 45-102
Jon B. Higgins Balasaraswati's "Tiśram Alārippu": the Musical Content 103-117
Regula Burckhardt Qureshi Qawwālī: Making the Music Happen in the Sufi Assembly 118-157
Naomi Owens The Dagar Gharānā: a Case Study of Performing Artists 158-195
Reis Flora Miniature Paintings: Important Sources for Music History 196-230
Bibliography (on Performing Arts in India) 231-249
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