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editorial board
Martin Hatch and Mark Slobin, Editors
Terry Miller, Book Review Editor
Philip Yampolsky, Record Review Editor
B. Jean Harden, Assistant Editor

Martin Hatch and Mark Slobin Note from the Editors
Philip D. Schuyler Introduction from the Guest Editor 1-2
Lois Ibsen al Faruqi Music, Musicians and Muslim Law 3-36
Walter Denny Music and Musicians in Islamic Art 37-68
George Dimitri Sawa The Status and Roles of the Secular Musicians in the Kitāb al-Aghānī (Book of Songs) of Abu al-Faraj al-Iṣbahānī (D. 356 A.H./967 A.D.) 69-82
Ali Jihad Racy Music and Dance in Lebanese Folk Proverbs 83-97
Daniel M. Neuman Indian Music as a Cultural System 98-113
Philip D. Schuyler The Rwais and the Zawia: Professional Musicians and the Rural Religious Elite in Southwestern Morocco 114-131
Hiromi Lorraine Sakata Musicians Who Do Not Perform; Performers Who Are Not Musicians: Indigenous Concepts of Being an Afghan Musician 132-143
Salwa El-Shawan Western Music and its Practitioners in Egypt (CA. 1825-1985): The Integration of a New Musical Tradition in a Changing Environment 144-153
 Book Reviews 
Richard Widdess Bonnie C. Wade. Khyāl: Creativity within North India's Classical Music Tradition 154-160
Susan D. Clark Constantin Brǎiloiu, A. L. Lloyd. Problems of Ethnomusicology 161-167
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