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editorial board
Martin Hatch and Mark Slobin, Editors
Stephen Blum, Review Editor
B. Jean Harden, Editorial Assistant

T. Viswanathan and S. Subramanian In Memory of Jon Borthwick Higgins 1-6
Karaikudi S. Subramanian An Introduction to the Vina 7-82
Endo Suanda Cirebonese Topeng and Wayang of the Present Day 84-120
Patricia Matusky An Introduction to the Major Instruments and Forms of Traditional Malay Music 121-182
 Book Reviews 
D. R. Widdess Najma Parveen Ahmad. Hindustani Music: A Study of Its Development in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries 183-185
Roger Vetter Judith Becker and Alan Feinstein. Karawitan: Source Readings in Javanese Gamelan and Vocal Music, Vol. 1 186-189
Bell Yung Fredric Lieberman. A Chinese Zither Tutor: The Mei-an Ch'in-p'u 190-194
Nora Yeh Lu Cui-kuan. Ouanzhou Xuanguan (Nanguan) Yenjiu 195-197
 Record Reviews 
Ralph Samuelson Andreas Fuyu Gutzwiller. Der Wahre Geist der Leere ("The True Spirit of Emptiness") 198-200
Gordon R. Thompson Pandit Sharda Sahai. The Art of the Benares Baj 201-202
Errata: Structural Segments in the Islamic Arts: The Musical "Translation" of a Characteristic of the Literary and Visual Arts 203
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