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editorial board
Mark Slobin, Editor
Hiromi Lorraine Sakata, Review Editor
Salwa El Shawan, Contributing Editor
Judith Gray, Editorial Assistant

Scheherazade Qassim Hassan The Long Necked Lute in Iraq 1-18
Huang Jinpei (trans. Alan Thrasher) Concerning the Variants of "Lao Lioban" 19-30
Peng Xiuwen (trans. Phoebe Hsu) Chuida Music of Sunan 31-38
Carol S. Reck and David Reck Drums of India: A Pictorial Selection 39-54
Phra Chen Duriyanga Siamese Music 55-90
Editor's Note, "The Passion Play of Persia" 91
S. G. W. Benjamin The Sheahs and the Tazieh, or Passion-play of Persia 92-114
Irmgard Johnson The Role of Amateur Participants in the Arts of No in Contemporary Japan 115-133
Society for Asian Music Membership List 134-149
The Graduate Center for the City of New York announces the formation of the Traditional Japanese Music Society 150
Erratum: The Sociology of Chinese Music: An Introduction 151
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