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editorial board
Mark Slobin, Editor
Hiromi Lorraine Sakata, Review Editor
Salwa El Shawan, Contributing Editor
Judith Gray, Editorial Assistant

Robert Garfias Looking to the Future of World Music 1-8
 Reflections on "Srepegan" 
Judith Becker and Alton Becker A Reconsideration in the Form of a Dialogue 9-16
Marc Perlman Notes on "A Grammar of the Musical Genre Srepegan" 17-29
Judith Becker and Alton Becker A Grammar of the Musical Genre Srepegan 30-73
Slawomira Zeranska-Kominek, Beniamin Kostrubiec and Joanna Wierzejewska Universal Symbols in the Bukharan Shashmaqam 74-93
Anna Czekanowska Aspects of the Classical Music of Uighur People: Legend Versus Reality 94-110
Dale A. Olsen Japanese Music in Brazil 111-131
Ho Lu-Ting and Han Kuo-huang On Chinese Scales and National Modes 132-154
 Book Reviews 
S. A. K. Durga B. Chaitanya Deva. Music of India: A Scientific Study 155-156
Daniel Ferguson and Francesca Ferguson Zhongguo Yinyue Shiliao. Historical Materials on Chinese Music 157-161
 Record Review 
Hiromi Lorraine Sakata Collection du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and the Musée de l'Homme. Afghanistan: Chants des Pshai 162-163
Erratum: The Role of Amateur Participants in the Arts of No in Contemporary Japan 164
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