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previous issue Volume 9, Number 1   |   1977
Second India Issue
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editorial board
Mark Slobin, Editor
Lorraine Sakata, Review Editor

Edward O. Henry Music in the Thinking of North Indian Villagers 1-12
T. Viswanathan The Analysis of Rāga Ālāpana in South Indian Music 13-71
Lewis Rowell A Śikṣā for the Twiceborn 72-94
 Book Reviews 
Frederic Lieberman Chung-Wen Shih. The Golden Age of Chinese Drama: Yüan Tsa-Chü 95
Frederic Lieberman Li Li Ch'en. Master Tung's Western Chamber Romance 96-97
 Record Reviews 
Lorraine Sakata David Lewiston. Music in the Karakorams of Central Asia 98
Charlotte F. Albright Bruno Nettl (liner notes). A Persian Heritage: Classical Music of Iran 99-101
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