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previous issue Volume 9, Number 2   |   1978
Korean Music Issue
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editorial board
Mark Slobin, Editor
Lorraine Sakata, Review Editor

Mark Slobin and Song Bang-song From the Editor / From the Guest Editor 1-2
Jonathan Condit Uncovering Earlier Melodic Forms from Modern Performance: The Kasa Repertoire 3-20
Hahn Man-young Folk Songs of Korean Rural Life and Their Characteristics Based on the Rice Farming Songs 21-28
Byong-ki Hwang Aesthetic Characteristics of Korean Music in Theory and in Practice 29-40
Lee Kang-sook An Essay on Korean Modes 41-47
Robert C. Provine Jr. Who's in Charge Here?: The Musical Bureaucrat in the Early Yi Dynasty Court (1392-1466) 48-58
 Book Review 
Lee Byong-won Survey of Korean Arts: Traditional Music (National Academy of Arts, Seoul) 59-64
Song Bang-song Korean Music: An Annotated Bibliography (Second Supplement) 65-101
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