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previous issue Volume 8, Number 2   |   1976/77
Tibet - East Asia Issue
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editorial board
Mark Slobin, Editor
Sahar Arzruni, Mary Frances Dunham, Raymond Kennedy, Fredric Lieberman, Willard Rhodes, Johanna Spector (ex-officio)

Chen Fu-yen, Song Bang-song, and Gen'ichi Tsuge Source Readings in Asian Music: East Asia 1-3
Chen Fu-yen (intro and trans.) Principles of K'un-Ch'ü Singing 4-25
Chong In-ji (Song, introduction and trans.) Ritual Tradition of Korea 26-46
Yamamoto Morihide (Gen'ichi Tsuge, trans.) The History of the Kyotaku 47-63
 Book Review 
Ter Ellingson Walter Kaufman. Tibetan Buddhist Chant: Musical Notations and Interpretations of a Song Book by the Bkah Brgyud Pa dn Sa Skya Pa Sects. Translations from the Tibetan by Thubten Jigme Norbu 64-81
Bang-song Song A Discography of Korean Music 82-121
Notice from the East-West Center 122
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