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Southeast Asia Issue
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editorial board
Mark Slobin, Editor
Chou Wen-chung, Fredric Lieberman, Paul Ochojski, Willard Rhodes (ex-officio), Johanna Spector

Mark Slobin From the Editor 1-2
Sumarsam Inner Melody in Javanese Gamelan Music 3-13
Judith Becker Kroncong, Indonesian Popular Music 14-19
Ernst Heins Kroncong and Tanjidor--Two Cases of Urban Folk Music in Jakarta 20-32
Miriam Morrison The Expression of Emotion in Court Dances of Yogjakarta 33-38
Robert Garfias Preliminary Thoughts on Burmese Modes 39-49
John Trainor Significance and Development in the Vong Co of South Vietnam 50-57
Hardjo Susilo Review Essay. Jaap Kunst. Music in Java (3rd edition) 58-68
 Book Reviews 
Tamara S. Vyzgo, Galina A. Pugachenkova and Barbara Krader R. L. Sadokov. Muzykal'naia kul'tura drevengo Khorezma 69-74
Else Dunham Judy van Zile. Dance in India, An Annotated Guide to Source Materials 75-80
 Record Reviews 
Steven Gorn Inde du nord; Pandit Ram Narayan, Sarangi 81-83
Bang Song Song Alain Danielou. Korean Music 84-85
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