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previous issue Volume 7, Number 2   |   1976
Symposium on the Ethnomusicology of Culture Change in Asia
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editorial board
Mark Slobin, Editor
Fredric Lieberman, Willard Rhodes, Johanna Spector (ex-officio)

Mark Slobin From the Editor  
Daniel Neuman Towards an Ethnomusicology of Culture Change in Asia 1-5
William O. Beeman You Can Take Music Out of the Country, but...: The Dynamics of Change in Iranian Musical Tradition 6-19
Jon B. Higgins From Prince to Populace: Patronage as a Determinant of Change in South Indian (Karnatak) Music 20-26
Brian Silver and R. Arnold Burghardt On Becoming an Ustād: Six Life Sketches in the Evolution of a Gharānā 27-58
Martin Hatch The Song is Ended: Changes on the Use of Macapat in Central Java 59-71
Karl Signell The Modernization Process in Two Oriental Music Cultures: Turkish and Japanese 72-102
Fritz A. Kuttner and Fredric Lieberman Corrigendum and Addendum to the Biography and Bibliography of Dr. Laurence E. R. Picken 103-104
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