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editorial board
Ricardo D. Trimillos, Editor
Randal Baier, Book Review Editor
Sarah Weiss, Recording Review Editor
Gordon Thompson, Website Editor

Ricardo D. Trimillos From the Editor 1-3
Oyuna Weina "You Can't Sing Urtyn Duu If You Don't Know How to Ride a Horse": Urtyn Duu in Alshaa, Inner Mongolia 4-33
Jonathan Roberts Bringing the Music Out, Bringing the Listener In: The Gérong in Javanese Gamelan 34-70
Benjamin Fairfield Ethnic and Village Unity: Symbolized or Enacted? Lahu Music-Dance and Ethnic Participation in Ban Musoe, Thailand 71-105
Jasmine Hornabrook Songs of the Saints: Song Paths and Pilgrimage in London's Tamil Hindu Diaspora 106-150
Terence Lancashire A Response—Gagaku in Place and Practice: A Philosophical Inquiry into the Place of Japanese Imperial Court Music in Contemporary Culture 151-157
 Book Reviews 
Philip Yampolsky Sumarsam. Javanese Gamelan and the West 158-162
Wim van der Meer Bob van der Linden. Music and Empire in Britain and India: Identity, Internationalism, and Cross-Cultural Communication 163-165
Inna Naroditskaya Evan Rapport. Greeted with Smiles: Bukharian Jewish Music and Musicians in New York 166-168
Megan E. Hill Sumi Gunji and Henry Johnson. A Dictionary of Traditional Japanese Musical Instruments: From Pre-history to the Edo Period 169-171
Jennifer Milioto Matsue Tōru Mitsui ed. Made in Japan: Studies in Popular Music 171-175
About the Contributors 176-178
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