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editorial board
Stephen Slawek, Editor
Randal Baier, Book Review Editor
Sarah Weiss, Recording Review Editor
Justin Patch, Editorial Assistant
Gordon Thompson, Website Editor

R. Anderson Sutton What's That Sound? Korean Fusion Music and the Ascendancy of the "Haegŭm" 1-27
Michael Frishkopf Nationalism, Nationalization, and the Egyptian Music Industry: Muhammad Fawzy, Misrphon, and Sawt al-Qahira (SonoCairo) 28-58
Jan Mrázek Xylophones in Thailand and Java: A Comparative Phenomenology of Musical Instruments 59-107
Yoshitaka Terada Temple Music Traditions in Hindu South India: "Periya Mēḷam" and Its Performance Practice 108-151
János Kárpáti Typology of Musical Structures in the Japanese Shintô Ritual "Kagura" 152-166
Heather MacLachlan Innovation in the Guise of Tradition: Music among the Chin Population of Indianapolis, USA 167-185
 Book Reviews 
Amanda Weidman Lalita du Perron. Hindi Poetry in a Musical Genre: Thumri Lyrics 186-188
Scott Marcus Rob Simms. The Reepertoire of Iraqi Maqam 188-193
 Audio Recording Reviews 
Jay Keister Elizabeth Reian Bennett. Song of the True Hand 194-197
Meilu Ho Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay, Renzo Pognant Gros. Bhakti: The Sound of the Soul 197-199
Sumarsam Marc Benamou. Gamelan de Solo-Le jeu des Sentiments (A Garland of Moods) 199-201
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