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previous issue Volume 39, Number 1   |   Winter - Spring, 2008
Popular Music in Changing Asia
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editorial board
Stephen Slawek, Managing Editor
Jennifer Milioto Matsue, Special Issue Editor
Randal Baier, Book Review Editor
David Harnish, Recording Review Editor
Sonia Gaind, Editorial Assistant
Gordon Thompson, Website Editor

Jennifer Milioto Matsue Introduction: Popular Music in Changing Asia 1-4
Jason Gibbs How Does Hanoi Rock? The Way to Rock and Roll in Vietnam 5-25
Stephen Mamula Starting from Nowhere? Popular Music in Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge 26-41
Matt Gillan Treasures of the Island People: Tradition and Modernity in Yaeyaman Pop Music 42-68
Anthony Fung Western Style, Chinese Pop: Jay Chou's Rap and Hip-Hop in China 69-80
Noriko Manabe New Technologies, Industrial Structure, and the Consumption of Music in Japan 81-107
Rachel Devitt Lost in Translation: Filipino Diaspora(s), Postcolonial Hip Hop, and the Problems of Keeping It Real for the "Contentless" Black Eyed Peas 108-134
 Book Reviews 
Sonia Gaind Janaki Bakhle. Two Men and Music: Nationalism in the Making of an Indian Classical Tradition 135-138
 Audio Recording Reviews 
Peter Kvetko Folk Music India Pvt. Ltd. Noora: A Golden Voice; Folk Music India Pvt. Ltd. Wah Rangiya: Passionate Punjab; Folk Music India Pvt. Ltd. Bol Ni Chakkiye: The Singing Wheel of Life 139-142
Roger Vetter John Noise Manis. Gamelan of Central Java 142-146
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