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editorial board
Stephen Slawek, Managing Editor
Randal Baier, Book Review Editor
David Harnish, Recording Review Editor
Sonia Gaind, Editorial Assistant
Gordon Thompson, Website Editor

Mina Yang East Meets West in the Concert Hall: Asians and Classical Music in the Century of Imperialism, Post-Colonialism, and Multiculturalism 1-30
Deniz Ertan Cycles and Peripheries: An Ottoman "Kitâb el-Edvâr" 31-60
David Harnish "Digging" and "Upgrading": Government Efforts to "Develop" Music and Dance in Lombok, Indonesia 61-87
Lei Ouyang Bryant Flowers on the Battlefield Are More Fragrant 88-122
Huib Schippers The Guru Recontextualized? Perspectives on Learning North Indian Classical Music in Shifting Environments for Professional Training 123-138
 Book Reviews 
David Henderson Ritwik Sanyal, Richard Widdess. Dhrupad: Tradition and Performance in Indian Music 139-141
R. Anderson Sutton Henry Spiller. Gamelan: The Traditional Sounds of Indonesia 142-144
 Audio Recording Reviews 
Paul Humphreys Dragonfly. Island Dreams: Songs and Lullabies Carried on the Wind 145-146
Gordon Thompson Kartik Seshadri, Bikram Ghosh, Rāgini Desai, Penelope Custer, Harold Hogopian, Michael Schulze. Raga: Rasa, That Which Colors the Mind 147-149
Miriam Gerberg Oh, Lovely Parrot!: Jewish Women's Songs from Kerela 149-153
Katherine Butler Brown Ilaiyaraaja. How to Name It; Ilaiyaraaja, Hariprasad Chaurasia. Nothing but Wind 153-155
Saida D. Daukeyeva Linda Burman-Hall, İhsan Özgen, Lux Musica. Kazakhstan. Le Kobyz. L'ancienne viole des chamanes/Kazakhstan. The Kobyz. The Ancient Viol of the Shamans 155-161
 Video Recording Review 
Edward O. Henry Shefali Bhushan. Colours of Earth 162-163
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