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editorial board
Stephen Slawek, Managing Editor
Randal Baier, Book Review Editor
David Harnish, Recording Review Editor
Gordon Thompson, Website Editor

R. Anderson Sutton Tradition Serving Modernity? The Musical Lives of a Makassarese Drummer 1-23
Amporn Jirattikorn Lukthung: Authenticity and Modernity in Thai Country Music 24-50
Min-Jung Son Regulating and Negotiating in T'ûrot'û, a Korean Popular Song Style 51-74
Henry Johnson Tsugaru Shamisen: From Region to Nation (and beyond) and Back Again 75-100
Sean Williams Irish Music and the Experience of Nostalgia in Japan 101-119
 Book Reviews 
Alan L. Kagan Jonathan P. J. Stock. Huju: Traditional Opera in Modern Shanghai 120-127
Philip Flavin Henry Johnson. The Koto: A Traditional Instrument in Contemporary Japan 127-134
Gordon Thompson Satyendra K. Sen Chib. Companion to North Indian Classical Music 134-136
Yayoi Uno Everett Luciana Galliano, Martin Mayes. Yôgaku: Japanese Music in the Twentieth Century 136-142
 Audio Recording Reviews 
Jennifer Milioto Matsue Christopher Yohmei Blasdel. Visionary Tones: Traditional and Contemporary Kinko Style Shakuhachi Music 143-148
Jay Keister Otto Abraham, Erich M. von Hornbostel, Erich Fischer, Erwin Walter, Heinrich Werkmeister, Ingrid Fritsch. Walzenaufnahmen Japanischer Musik/Wax Cylinder Recordings of Japanese Music 1901-1913 149-153
John Morgan O'Connell Linda Burman-Hall, İhsan Özgen, Lux Musica. Cantemir: Music in Istanbul and Ottoman Europe around 1700 153-157
 Video Recording Review 
Lisa Urkevich Mei-Juin Chen, Lisa Muskat, Shi Jian. The Worlds of Mei Lanfang 158-160
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