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previous issue Volume 34, Number 2   |   Spring - Summer, 2003
An Indonesia Issue
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editorial board
Stephen Slawek, Managing Editor
Martin Hatch, Production Editor
Randal Baier, Book Review Editor
David Harnish, Recording Review Editor
Gordon Thompson, Website Editor

Rahayu Supanggah Campur Sari: A Reflection 1-20
Sarah Weiss "Kothong Nanging Kebak", Empty Yet Full: Some Thoughts on Embodiment and Aesthetics in Javanese Performance 21-49
Suryadi Minangkabau Commercial Cassettes and the Cultural Impact of the Recording Industry in West Sumatra 51-89
David Harnish Worlds of Wayang Sasak: Music, Performance, and Negotiations of Religion and Modernity 91-120
 Book Reviews 
Jason Gibbs Adelaida Reyes. Songs of the Caged, Songs of the Free: Musics and the Vietnamese Refugee Experience 121-125
Richard Miller E. Taylor Atkins. Blue Nippon: Authenticating Jazz in Japan 126-130
Peter Kvetko Sunaina Marr Maira. Desis in the House: Indian American Youth Culture in New York City 130-133
Richard K. Wolf Martin Clayton. Time in Indian Music: Rhythm, Metre, and Form in North Indian Rārag Performance 133-139
 Audio Recording Reviews 
Inna F. Naroditskaya Franz Hampe. Before the Revolution 140-146
David Henderson Gert-Matthias Wegner. Music of the Sherpa People of Nepal I: Shebru Dance-Songs from the Everest Region; Gert-Matthias Wegner. Masterdrummers of Nepal Present Auspicious Drumming Traditions of Bhaktapur 147-150
Henry Spiller Andrew N. Weintraub. Indonesia: Wayang Golek: The Sound and Celebration of Sundanese Puppet Theater 150-154
 Video Recording Review 
Sean Williams Martin Clayton, Simon Cook. Wayang Golek: Performing Arts of Sunda (West Java) 154-156
Alexander Khalil Li Wei, Zhang Xingrong, Yunnan Art Institute. From China's Southwest Borders: Minority Dances, Songs and Instrumental Music of Yunnan 157-158
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