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editorial board
Sean Williams, Managing Editor
Martin Hatch, Production Editor
Peter Manuel, Book Review Editor
David Harnish, Recording Review Editor

Tina K. Ramnarine Historical Representations, Performance Spaces, and Kinship Themes in Indian-Caribbean Popular Song Texts 1-33
William P. Malm Yamada Shôtarô: Japan's First Shamisen Professor 35-76
Jarkko Niemi The Genres of the Nenets Songs 77-132
Margaret J. Kartomi The Music-Culture of South-Coast West Sumatra: Backwater of the Minangkabau "Heartland" or Home of the Sacred Mermaid and the Earth Goddess? 133-181
 Book Reviews 
Dwight F. Reynolds Virginia Danielson. The Voice of Egypt: Umm Kulthūm, Arabic Song, and Egyptian Society in the Twentieth Century 183-185
Su Zheng Casey Man Kong Lum. In Search of a Voice: Karaoke and the Construction of Identity in Chinese America 185-190
Evan Ziporyn Heidi von Gunden. The Music of Lou Harrison 190-193
 Audio Recording Reviews 
Marc Perlman Gamelan Pacifica. Trance Gong 194-197
Gordon Thompson Laurent Aubert, Paul Meyer, Jean-Luc Meylan. Hommage à Latif Ahmed Khan/A Tribute to Latif Ahmed Khan 197-199
Richard Wolf Ashwin Batish, Shiv Dayal Batish, David Harnish. Sitar Power II; Shivkumar Sharma, Brijbushan Kabra, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Manikrai Popatker, G. N. Joshi. Call of the Valley; L. Shankar, Zakir Hussain, Vikku Vinayakram. Shankar - Raga Aberi 199-203
Cynthia Wong The Dayan Ancient Music Association, Robin Broadbank. Naxi Music from Lijiang 203-205
Henry Spiller Philip Yampolsky. Betawi and Sundanese Music of the North Coast of Java: Topeng Betawi, Tanjidor, Ajeng 205-210
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