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editorial board
Sean Williams, Managing Editor
Martin Hatch, Production Editor
Peter Manuel, Book Review Editor
David Harnish, Recording Review Editor

R. Anderson Sutton From Ritual Enactment to Stage Entertainment: Andi Nurhani Sapada and the Aestheticization of South Sulawesi's Music and Dance 1940s-1970s 1-30
Ben Wu Music Scholarship, West and East: Tibetan Music as a Case Study 31-56
Amatzia Bar-Yosef Traditional Rural Style under a Process of Change: The Singing Style of the Ḩaddāy, Palestinian Folk Poet-Singers 57-82
Vernon Charter and Jean DeBernardi Towards a Chinese Christian Hymnody: Processes of Musical and Cultural Synthesis 83-113
Ewald Henseler and Mayumi Adachi Nineteenth-Century Japanese Hymnals: A Preliminary Study 115-127
 Book Reviews 
Joep Bor Gerry Farrell. Indian Music and the West 129-138
Craig MacRae Theodore Levin. The Hundred Thousand Fools of God: Musical Travels in Central Asia (And Queens, New York) 138-142
Jonathan Stock Antoinet Schimmelpenninck. Chinese Folk Songs and Folk Singers: Shan'ge Traditions in Southern Jiangsu 142-143
Jonathan Stock Bell Yung. Celestial Airs of Antiquity: Music of the Seven-String Zither of China 143-145
 Audio Recording Reviews 
Michael B. Bakan Philip Yampolsky. Music of Biak, Irian Jaya, Melayu Music of Sumatra and the Riau Islands, Gongs and Vocal Music from Sumatra 146-149
Hiromi Lorraine Sakata The Sabri Brothers. Ya Mustapha 149-151
Daniel Atesh Sonneborn Marcel Khalife, Talal Haidar, Mohammed El-Abdellah, Joseph Harb, Khalil Hawi, Mahmoud Darwish, Abido Basha. Arabic Coffeepot; Marcel Khalife. Dance; Yosefa Dahari. The Desert Speaks 152-155
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