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editorial board
Mark Slobin, Editor
Lorraine Sakata, Review Editor

Han Kuo-Huang The Modern Chinese Orchestra 1-40
Judith Gray Additional Comments Regarding Chinese Orchestras in the United States 41-43
Amnon Shiloah An Early Arabic Songbook for Schools 44-48
R. Anderson Sutton Concept and Treatment in Javanese Gamelan Music, with Reference to the Gambang 59-79
Israel J. Ross Ritual and Music in South India: Syrian Christian Liturgical Music in Kerala 80-98
Joan DeJean Fictive Performances: Oriental Music in Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo 99-105
 Book Reviews 
Lindy Li Mark Fredric Lieberman. Chinese Music: An Annotated Bibliography 106-108
Fred Lieberman Walter Kaufman. Musical References in the Chinese Classics 109-110
T. Viswanathan Walter Kaufman. The Ragas of South India: A Catalogue of Scalar Material 111-114
Ja Fran Jones At-Turāth al-mūsīqī at-Tūnisī: Patrimoine Musical Tunisien 115-117
Ja Fran Jones Salah el-Mahdi. La Musique Arabe 117-120
 Record Reviews 
Daniel M. Neuman David Lewiston. Master of the Sārangī, a Recording of Pandit Ram Narayan (Sarangi) with Suresh Talwalkar (Tabla) 124-139
Terry E. Miller and J. Chonpairot Review Essay: The Problems of Lao Discography 124-139
Mark Slobin Recent Ethnomusicological Sound Recordings from Israel 140-143
 Film Reviews 
Elise Barnett Johanna Spector. About the Jews of India: Cochin and About the Jews of India: The Shanwar Telis or Bene Israel 144-147
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