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Mark Slobin, Editor
Lorraine Sakata, Review Editor

Tsong kha pa Meditative Realization of the Melodious Goddess 1-2
Sa skya Pandita, Ter Ellingson (trans.) On Music 3-4
Rakra Tethong Conversations on Tibetan Music Traditions 5-22
Jeanette Snyder A Preliminary Study of the Lha Mo 23-62
Rinjing Dorje and Ter Ellingson "Explanation of the Secret Gcod Da Ma Ru": An Exploration of Musical Instrument Symbolism 63-91
Mireille Helffer Réflexions Concernant Le Chant Épique Tibétain 92-111
Ter Ellingson 'Don Rta Dbyangs Gsum: Tibetan Chant and Melodic Categories 112-156
Sa skya Pandita Why Study Music? 157-158
 Book Review 
René de Nebesky-Wojkowitz Review Essay: Dancers in the Marketplace: Tibetan Religious Dances 159-178
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