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editorial board
Mark Slobin, Editor   |   Chou Wen-chung, Chairman
Fredric Lieberman, Paul Ochojski, Willard Rhodes (ex-officio), Johanna Spector

Mark Slobin From the Editor 2
Ter Ellingson Musical Flight in Tibet 3-44
Karl Signell Esthetics of Improvisation in Turkish Art Music 45-49
 Book Reviews 
Wolfgang Laade Heinz Lucas. Die gro├če Makenkunde 50
Gen'ichi Tsuge Ella Zonis. Classical Persian Music 51-60
 Record Reviews 
Lorraine Sakata Peter Ten Hoopen. Afghanistan: Music from the Crossroads of Asia 61-63
Stephen Addis Nguyen Vinh Bao, Tran van Khe. Musique du Vietnam: Tradition du Sud 64-65
Bang Song Song Jonathan Cott, David Lewiston. P'ansori: Korea's Epic Vocal Art and Instrumental Music 66-71
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