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Society for Asian Music

2021 Election Results

The 2021 SAM election closed on May 4. We are delighted to welcome our two newly-elected board members: Guilnard Moufarrej and Vivek Virani.

Guilnard Moufarrej specializes in Arabic music and culture in the Arab world and the diaspora. Her research areas include music and social protest, music therapy among war-traumatized children, music and language, music and gender, and music and liturgy in Near Eastern Christian churches. Her recent research examines the role of music for Syrian refugee children at a high risk for developing PTSD symptoms. Guilnard is on the faculty of the U.S. Naval Academy.

Vivek Virani explores connections between music and spirituality, with a particular focus on religious music's role in the constructions of community, nation, and self. As a performer he presents interfaith bhajan, kirtan, qawwali and other spiritual songs in a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. He recieved the SAM Martin D. Hatch prize for the best student paper at the 2015 SEM meeting. He is on the faculty of the University of North Texas.

We are pleased to report that 70.6% of our membership cast votes. Thank you for this support.

Many thanks,

Margaret Sarkissian
President, Society for Asian Music
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