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editorial board
Charlotte D'Evelyn, Guest Editor
Robert O. Beahrs, Andrew Colwell, Associate Guest Editors
Johanni Curtet, Assistant Guest Editor
Ricardo D. Trimillos, Editor
Randal Baier, Book Review Editor
Anne Prescott, Media Review Editor
Chiao-Wen Chiang, Web Manager

Transregional Politics of Throat-Singing as Cultural Heritage in Inner and Central Asia, a special issue

Ricardo D. Trimillos From the Editor 1-2
Charlotte D'Evelyn, Robert O. Beahrs, and Andrew Colwell From the Guest Editors 3-8
Map A. Research Focus Areas of Inner and Central Asia 9
Map B. The Greater Altai-Sayan Mountain Region 10
 Grounding Heritage    
Carole Pegg Cradle of Drone-Overtone and Timbre-Centered Music: Cultural Landscapes of the Indigenous Peoples of the Altai Mountain Range and Its Neighboring Areas 11-45
Andrew Colwell Propriety, Property, and Heritage in the Performance of Mongol Khöömii 46-71
Robert O. Beahrs Gifts of the Sygytchy -Sons: Tethering Melodies to Land, Kin, and Life Energy at the Khöömei Ovaa, Tyva Republic 72-107
 Transregional Responses 
Johanni Curtet Khöömii, World Lists, and the Question of Representation 108-138
Charlotte D'Evelyn Khöömii, Chooryn Duu, and Dissonant Heritage in Inner Mongolia, China 139-169
Saida Daukeyeva (Re)Claiming a Vocal Vernacular: Revival and Modernization of Kömei in Contemporary Kazakh Music 170-202
Theodore Levin Khöömei and Heritage: An Afterword 203-208
Valentina Süzükei,
translated by Sean Quirk
Khöömei —Ambassador to the World: An Afterword 209-216
About the Contributors 217
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