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editorial board
Ricardo D. Trimillos, Editor
Randal Baier, Book Review Editor
Sarah Weiss, Recording Review Editor
Gordon Thompson, Website Editor

Ricardo D. Trimillos From the Editor 1-3
Benjamin Krakauer On the Recent Diversification of Bāul-Fakir Musical Repertoire in West Bengal: Spiritual Music in a Crowded Marketplace 4-47
James Mitchell The Rabbit Record Brand of Siam/Thailand 1925–1970: Assessing the Legacy of T. Ngekchuan 48-83
Jaco van den Dool Blended Modes of Music Learning: Shaping Intermusicality in Kathmandu 84-113
Jane M. Ferguson I Was Cool When My Country Wasn’t: “Mao” and “Deng” Making Transnational Music in the Golden Triangle 114-137
Alexander M. Cannon From Nameless to Nomenclature: Creating Music Genre in Southern Vietnam
 Book Reviews 
Elizabeth Clendinning Kendra Stepputat, ed. Performing Arts in Postmodern Bali: Changing Interpretations, Founding Traditions 138-171
 Multimedia Reviews 
Rolf Groesbeck Kerala, the Cradle of Christianity in South Asia: The Cultural Interface of Religion and Music 176-178
Lisa Gold Bali 1928, Volume 1: Gamelan Gong Kebyar Music from Belaluan, Pangkung, Busungbiu—the Oldest New Music from Bali 179-187
About the Contributors 188-189
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