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editorial board
Ricardo D. Trimillos, Editor
Randal Baier, Book Review Editor
Sarah Weiss, Recording Review Editor
Gordon Thompson, Website Editor

Ricardo D. Trimillos From the Editor 1-2
Anna Stirr Sounding and Writing a Nepali Public Sphere: The Music and Language of Jhyāure 3-38
Matt Rahaim, Srinivas Reddy, and Lars Christensen Authority, Critique, and Revision in the Sansrkit Music-Theoretic Tradition: Rereading the Svara-mela-kalānidhi 39-77
Sunhee Koo Instrumentalizing Tradition? Three Kayagŭm Musicians in the People's Republic of China and the Construction of Diasporic Korean Music 78-109
Henry Johnson and Sueo Kuwahara Drum Travel: Ensemble Drumming Traditions on Kikaijima—Cultures, Histories, Islands 84-128
 Book Reviews 
Mercedes M. Dujunco Rachel Harris. Singing the Village: Music, Memory, and Ritual among the Sibe of Xinjiang 146-153
Sunmin Yoon Book Review Essay on Two Inner Asia Studies.
Theodore Levin with Valentina Süzükei. Where Rivers and Mountains Sing: Sound, Music, and Nomadism in Tuva and Beyond; Peter K. Marsh. The Horse-head Fiddle and the Cosmopolitan Reimagination of Tradition in Mongolia
 Audio Recording Reviews 
Esra Berkman Khaçadur Avedisyan. Oratorio 160-163
About the Contributors 164-166
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