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editorial board
Sean Williams, Managing Editor
Martin Hatch, Production Editor
Peter Manuel, Book Review Editor
David Harnish, Recording Review Editor
Gordon Thompson, Website Editor

 Kulintang/Kolintang Music 
Jason Gibbs Spoken Theater, La Scène Tonkinoise, and the First Modern Vietnamese Songs 1-33
Lee Tong Soon Professional Chinese Opera Troupes and Street Opera Performance in Singapore 35-70
Edward O. Henry Folk Song Genres and Their Melodies in India: Music Use and Genre Process 71-106
Tan Sooi Beng The Huayue Tuan (Chinese Orchestra) in Malaysia: Adapting to Survive 107-128
Zvika Serper Kotoba ("Sung" Speech) in Japanese Nō Theater: Gender Distinctions in Structure and Performance 129-166
 Book Reviews 
Irene Markoff Stawomira Zeranska-Kominek and Arnold Lebeuf. The Tale of Crazy Harman: The Musician and the Concept of Music in the Türkmen Epic Tale, Harman Däli 167-169
Irene Markoff Walter Feldman. Music of the Ottoman Court: Makam, Composition and the Early Ottoman Instrumental Repertoire 169-173
 Audio Recording Reviews 
Susan M. Asai World Music Network and Paul Fisher. The Music of Japan: The Rough Guide 173-177
Linda Burman-Hall I Madé Lasmawan, Jill Fredericksen, Mark Fuller, and Tunas Mekar. Gamelan Tunas Mekar: Music of Bali, Indonesia 177-180
David Henderson Gyanu Radha Gorkhali, Parshuram Bhandari, Achyut Ram Bhandari, Prakash Chandra Pathak, Music Nepal (P.) Ltd. Shringara Group: Nepali Traditional Folk Tunes
Prem Rana Autari, Bijaya Vaidya, Surendra Shrestha, Sur Sudha, Guy Gray. Sur Sudha: Festivals of Nepal
Michael Tenzer Mickey Hart. Living Art, Sounding Spirit: The Bali Sessions 183-195
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