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previous issue Volume 12, Number 1   |   1980
Symposium on Art Musics in Muslim Nations
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editorial board
Mark Slobin, Editor
Lorraine Sakata, Review Editor

Mark Slobin From the Editor
Harold S. Powers Symposium on the Status of Traditional Art Musics in Muslim Nations: Background, Acknowledgments, and Contributions 1-4
Harold S. Powers Classical Music, Cultural Roots, and Colonial Rule: An Indic Musicologist Looks at the Muslim World 5-39
Amnon Shiloah The Status of Traditional Art Music in Muslim Nations 40-55
Lois Ibsen al Faruqi The Status of Music in Muslim Nations: Evidence from the Arab World 56-85
Salwa El-Shawan The Socio-Political Context of Al-Musika Al-Arabiyyah in Cairo, Egypt, Policies, Patronage, Institutions, and Musical Change 86-128
Bruno Nettl Musical Values and Social Values: Symbols in Iran 129-148
Theodore C. Levin Music in Modern Uzbekistan: The Convergence of Marxist Aesthetics and Central Asian Tradition 149-158
Jozef Pacholczyk The Status of Sufyana Kalam in Kashmir 159-163
Karl Signell Turkey's Classical Music, A Class Symbol 164-169
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