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previous issue Volume 4, Number 1   |   1972
Near East-Turkestan Issue
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editorial board
Mark Slobin, Editor   |   Chou Wen-chung, Chairman
James Lyons, Paul Ochojski, Willard Rhodes (ex-officio), Johanna Spector

Mark Slobin From the Editor 2
Laurence D. Loeb The Jewish Musician and the Music of Fars 3-14
Amnon Shiloah The Simsimiyya: A Stringed Instrument of the Red Sea Area 15-26
Stephen Blum The Concept of the cĀsheq in Northern Khorasan 27-47
Faizullah Karomatov On the Regional Styles of Uzbek Music 48-58
Gen'ichi Tsuge A Note on the Iraqi Maqam 59-66
 Book Reviews 
Ella Zonis Bruno Nettl and Bela Foltin, Jr. Daramad of Chahargah: A Study in the Performance Practice of Persian Music 67-68
Mark Slobin Hiromi Lorraine Sakata. Music of the Hazarajat
Felix Hoerburger. Volksmusik in Afghanistan, nebst einem Exkurs über Qor'an-Rezitation und Thora-Kantillation
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