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editorial board
Mark Slobin, Editor   |   James Lyons, Chairman
Chou Wen-chung, Fredric Lieberman, Paul Ochojski, Willard Rhodes (ex-officio), Johanna Spector

Mark Slobin From the Editor 1-2
Judith Becker Western Influence in Gamelan Music 3-9
Laxmi Tewari Turkish Village Music 10-24
Theodore Grame The Symbolism of the 'Ud 25-34
William P. Malm Personal Approaches to the Study of Japanese Art Music 35-39
Tran Van Khe Means of Preservation and Diffusion of Traditional Music in Vietnam 40-44
 Book Reviews 
Gen'ichi Tsuge Carl Wolz. Bugaku: Japanese Court Dance 45-46
Cho Chae-Son Bang-song Song. An Annotated Bibliography of Korean Music 47-48
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