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editorial board
Chou Wen-chung, Fredric Lieberman, James Lyons (chairman)
Paul Ochojski, Willard Rhodes, Johanna Spector

Dale A. Craig Transcendental World Music 2-7
Shigeo Kishibe Means of Preservation and Diffusion of Traditional Music in Japan 8-13
Jose Maceda Means of Preservation and Diffusion of Traditional Music: The Philippine Situation 14-17
William Skelton The Nagaswaram and the South Indian Hindu Festival 18-24
John Okell The Burmese Double-Reed "Nhai" 25-31
Stephen Addiss Music of the Cham Peoples 32-38
Frederic Lieberman Music in The Tale of Genji 39-42
 Recording Review 
Mark Slobin UNESCO: Musical Anthology of the Orient, Volume 24, Azerbaijan I 43-45
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